Performance consulting


Our approach is pragmatic. More than the installation of a method, it aims to develop the energies around the search for continuous improvement, and to bring out the capacities of initiatives and creativity of each one, to release the speech while anchoring healthy reflexes around The flow, the customer, and the search for added value.

Our role is to organize multidisciplinary teams in situations, to carry out diagnostics and to propose short-term action plans by prioritizing simple and effective actions.

Moreover, we can train your team to different methods:


Our approach is to develop enterprises agility. It concerns more particularly those which deal with highly personalized products with low volumes, commonly called High Mix Low Volume. To answer this question, Leansearch has joined as a partner company QRE (Quick Response Enterprise), created by Dominique Andreux. Dominique develop the QRM method (Quick Response Management) in France since 2013 with a few partners. QRE is part of the QRM Europe network, with others partners located in Europe.
Our approach involves:


Flow mapping, white and gray area analysis